Yapster allows you to set and monitor your goals in a meaningful way. At a glance you can easily manage your workload based upon the phase of the contract. Yapster summarizes your transactions into Actual, Pending & Closed states for tracking & realizing your goals. The progress bar is a motivator to get as many transactions 100% complete & achieve your goals!


The transaction can begin however you choose. Although the transaction is related to a contact, Yapster's simple interface allows you to create and manage transactions in both contacts & business modules. So once the time is right, with one click you can begin to complete your transaction details. Again, fill in what you know when you know it. There is not a need for all the data to be available to start a transaction.  

At a glance you can easily see your workload based upon the phase of the contract. From here you can dig right into the transaction to manage details and keep updated. Based upon the size of your portfolio that is being managed, Search bars are available within each phase to keep transactions accessible regardless of when they occurred or last updated.

 Within the Business module, Yapster lets you set your goals & manage to them through the life cycle of a sale.  This allows you to keep track of how many contracts are active, pending and closed!  We also allow you to categorize your expenses by contact/contract.  At any point of the transaction, or a time period ( week, month, quarter, etc ) you can view your shot on target.  Each goal that has been set has a specific progress bar that allows at a glance view of your status.

And of course, your accountants will love you.  This allows you to easily track your expenses and export them for consolidation or distribution to your team leader on demand for any date range.