Move over post-it notes & that never ending excel file that you find yourself scrolling through  for basic contact details. With Yapster you can quickly create, edit and manage your contacts. Fully flexible to enter as much or as little meta data about a contact as you want or have available. Then leverage our advanced search feature and your life is changed forever.


We have all been in that situation when using a CRM where there are required fields we don't know but have a need to create a contact.  Yapster keeps it simple - we need a name ( we don't care if it is first or last or both ). From there add information as you have it available to you!  The contact record builds itself as your relationship builds with your clients.  Always accessible and available from just about anywhere in the application.  Your contacts stay front and center for your use!


Finding it hard to organize all your contacts in a meaningful way? Yapster makes it easy to create segments of your customers based upon demographics that work for you.  Since you create your groups and assign clients to one or more group(s), you can manage to your expectations.  No preset filters that you can't edit - set up, edit, change so your groups work for you.  Some examples of how to use groups might be Favorites, by Zip Code, Northside, Last 30 day buyers, Prospects, Pending, Referral, etc.  Whatever you want!

When creating your contacts, leverage the custom rating algorithm to help you stay on top of your communication.  Based upon how you rate your clients, we remind you when it is time to get in touch on the Yapster Dashboard.  So if you need to stay in touch regularly - rank them an A.  If something has changed since you ranked your resource, just click postpone or complete the action with a note so you can have a reminder as to your last interaction.  If you have clients that you just want to keep in touch with occasionally, just rank them a D & Yapster will remind you at a later date that it has been awhile since you have been in touch.


Once you have entered in data on a transaction or the contact - you can leverage the advanced search option to find it again.  Our goal is to have a large database of transactions of contacts, but often becomes cumbersome.  Our advanced search allows you to search on any field or combination of fields.