At a loss for content?  No worries. Yapster has you covered. Each account is stocked full of relevant content from NAR, Rismedia, This Old House, Houselogic & many more. Better yet, connect your Feedly account and bring in your own personal content right into Yapster!
Are you already following some of your favorite blogs? Bonus, you pull from accounts or relationships you already have & even customize the content streams based upon keywords!  


Current, applicable real estate and banking content is available at your fingertips.  With a few clicks you can easily send or schedule messages via your social accounts.

Yapster comes with five preset content feeds + Feedly integration having the ability to extend categories based upon your interests.

When a category is selected, content is served up for your review and ability to one click copy directly into the Social Editor. We even bring over the pictures for you!

This is an example of one click copy into the Yapster editor for easy scheduling and sending.  From here you can select what social channel or channels you would like for the message to be sent (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). With the scheduling button you can quickly select the date and time for sharing.  Yapster is flexible so you can have any channel send the message at any time - we always leave it up to you! Have an open house? Simply paste the URL from your listing into the Let's Yap box and we will attach the pictures for you!

Once you have connected your social accounts, you will see you full social feeds consolidated here!  One place to manage all your accounts:  Business & Professional -- Facebook & Twitter. That is a huge time saver. You can easily reply, re-tweet or favorite the post based upon the action you desire.  

When your contacts across your social network are talking, we are listening.  With Social Monitoring, Yapster allows you to enter Keywords to listen for across many social channels.  This is a huge time saver!  Keyword listening provides you the opportunity become part of a conversation you didn't even know was happening. This increases your engagement and keeps you current with your contacts, even if you haven't been in touch recently! The social listening feed integrates directly with your social feeds so you can login one time to view, respond and manage your social persona!