Email is not dead!  Of course the social movement is in full swing, but email is still generating 40x more leads than Facebook & Twitter.   55% of companies using email generate over 10% of their sales volume in 2015. It just takes a few minutes of dedicated time to organize your thoughts and prepare your customer message!  Yes of course we offer Facebook posts, Tweets and LinkedIn messages that promote your business, keep your brand front and center, but email is still King.


Email is email, right?  Wrong.  Yapster allows you to segment your contacts into Groups which makes sending a breeze.  You can easily create your message schedule or send immediately to a group all in one place.  Tailor your message for other groups send or schedule.  

Email personalization is set by default.  We leverage your contacts name and personalize all mail so your customers receive the one to one communication they deserve.  You can easily take an hour and schedule a month or more targeted personalized emails to your contact groups!

A feature that is available and frequently used is the flexibility to select from Multiple Email Signatures when creating your email.   Save signature in your email settings and then pick another email address to customize! You can even add photos!  This is great if you have an office admin or are helping out a team member - they can send the email on your half and leverage your existing signature.


Email templates are part of our Yapster services.  Each month we send our customers Holidays we can celebrate with our clients.  We have many templates that you can choose from for your sending pleasure. Want to create your own template to save and problem!

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