Using Twitter to Drive Traffic

If you’re on Twitter for more than just fun, you probably use other social media streams.

You can use Twitter to drive traffic to those other streams (such as a website, blog, Facebook page, etc). Blogs and Twitter make a great tag team as you can drive traffic to your blog using Twitter and also send new followers to your Twitter account. That’s the beauty of using content to market your brand. You can use one platform or a combo of all! (MyYappyDog can help with that combo!!)

It’s not a good idea to do nothing but drop links to your blog posts or sales pages on Twitter. To market properly, you also need to create engaging conversation, ask questions, and field customer service inquiries. If you do the rest of it right, people have no problem following your links, which will help you to reach your end goal.

Here are some tips for driving traffic to your blog:

Create a discussion topic around your blog post. Instead of simply tweeting a link and leaving it at that, start a discussion around your blog topic. Ask questions and respond to responses. Not only are you engaging with your community, but people in their streams may become intrigued enough to want to see what you’re talking about.

Analyze your most productive Twitter times. Take some time to analyze your Twitter traffic (or use an app such as Timely that does it for you) to find out when your community is most engaged.

Create the type of content people want to share. If you tweet only to talk about your brand or to sell something, you’re going to drive people away rather than to your blog. Create content that teaches, inspires, or engages. Take a look around on Twitter to see what kind of tweets people are sharing or retweeting. These are probably some good examples of engaging tweets.

Thank everyone who shares your content. People appreciate appreciation! Taking time to say “thank you” encourages your loyal followers to continue recommending your content to others. Plus when you thank them by name, it now puts you in front of their followers!

Use a logo as your profile image. A recognizable logo and regular presence can inspire trust, which can in turn encourage others to visit your blog and also share your content.

Be friendly. Your online attitude is everything. If you have a reputation for being friendly and helpful, you’ll grow a wonderful community of supporters.

Be consistent. Have a regular presence on Twitter. There are many people who won’t subscribe to you blog’s RSS feed but instead will wait to see you tweet the links. If you’re not sharing, they’re not visiting!

I hope you found this helpful! Keep Yappin’!